When I was growing up I was always led to believe that success and the celebration of success was only warranted when I met the desired goals that were “set for me” and not the goals I set myself.   So if I was happy with being in the top 4, but expectation of others ; my parents, teachers, family etc. was “you have all the qualities of achieving the top spot”, then I was not in any position to celebrating success if I achieved my desired goal.

This level of pressure placed on anyone to meet the expectation and desired outcome of others is always going to lead to disappointment.  You are out there living, grafting away and working to a goal that you have no sight of, you are not sure whether the actions you take or each step is leading you in the right direction, your actions have no meaning, they have no desire and are not backed up with a passion to create change

You are pretty much driving blind in fog with the head lights off !!!

Many of us give up with creating a plan or finding our purpose and just fall in to the flow knowing and feeling that I am not worthy of success or worthy of achieving any desired outcome.  We are constantly creating a ceiling, limiting our success and therefore never able to see our even have an awareness of our own Zone of Genius.

Not all fall into this trap

Those of us that have been left to fly high and soar with freedom to learn and grow from the mistakes, have the opportunity to continuously reinvent ourselves and find success in every action.

“Just as we can learn from our mistakes, we can gain character from our disappointments”

Robert T. Kiyosaki 

Our path to our goals and reaching our desired actions comes from Taking Control of Your Destiny, Focussing on the Future and not the Past and Taking Aligned Action to Reach your Desired Outcome.   We will dive a touch deeper on these in another post but for now within all of these it is clear that having a concise purpose that allows you and only you to set goals that you can achieve is of paramount importance.

By setting our goals we are clearly in control of the path we take and are much better prepared to plan the journey ahead.  Dr. Andrew Huberman from Stanford University, during his neuroscience research on vision and states of mind, states that “the pursuits of our goals create more happiness than the attainment of it”.

The effort we put into the pursuit of our goals, the struggles and challenges we encounter along the journey provides us with a thrill, our brain releases dopamine, however, our effort can also lead us to the thought that enough is enough forcing us to give up on our pursuit,  but then that high, the thrill triggers something inside us to continue, growing the need to want more.

This is where our growth mindset steps in realising that our effort is reward ” BOOM ”  time to celebrate.

Each time we hit a break through, each time we get that high that we have edged a little closer to our desired outcome we need to celebrate the small win. no matter how small.

This celebration of our win, which could be insignificant to others but not for us, gives us the hunger and desire to succeed, continue and thrive for more.  It gives you the confidence in your abilities, it unleashes the yearning to want more and create a platform to learn more and grow so that you can feel that high again.

Celebrating the small Micro wins will have monumental and Macro Impact over time.  So go out look back at your micro wins that you have forgotten to celebrate and go out and celebrate them big.

Who knows what you will uncover, who knows what opportunity, project or idea you have forgotten, who knows what lies ahead.

“Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are.”

Jim Rohn

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